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Updated: Apr 28

In the new work Coral there are influences from the Japanese traditional Noh theatre. The work is inspired by the five scenes gobandate/ five play program in Noh theatre: God, Man, Woman, Crazed, Demon. It is the fundamental non-being that gives rise to the outward sense of being.

Performed by Frauke

Music Composed by Daniel Troberg

Directed and Edited by Yusuke Kitaguchi

Director of Photography Shinya Matsumoto

Costume design Ryo Onishi

Hair & Makeup Yasuharu Hino

Assistant Hair & Makeup Yusuke Nishio

Production assistant Yoshihito Iyama

An ICHIBIRI PICS production

Location supported by Mitoyo Tourism & Exchange Authority

Supported by Swedish Arts Council Region Vastra Gotaland City of Gothenburg

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