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Pearl Shining Light by Frauke

Pearl Shining Light by Frauke


24min 30sec  |  2022 | 

The butoh performance Pearl explores hidden beauty. A radiant force that lies inside a dark shell. A state of esoteric allure, an attraction, shapeless, underneath a reflective surface. Pearl is held by the darkness. It symbolises a defence force against a potential threat, either non-existent or existent. A primal response. From a bottomless depth, pearls are born, shining as dewdrops that fell out of the night sky into the moonlit sea.

The film shows a woman's realities, the actual and the experienced and how she is transformed / finds her way back to herself. A journey through the six sense spheres; taste, sight, smell, hearing, touch and selflessness. A story with a strong concentration of emotions, suspense and presence.
It will be a visual and magnificent experience where the boundaries between the beautiful and the ugly are liberatingly fluid. In Pearl, Frauke explores the hidden beauty. A radiant force inside a dark shell.

Butoh is an avant-garde form of dance theater created in Japan in the late 1950s. The more international choreographers who work with the art form, it continues to develop in different directions. The Swedish choreographer Caroline Lundblad, with the artist name Frauke, lives and works in Kyoto, Japan and is recognized for her very own Scandinavian entrance. In Pearl, there will also be influences from the Japanese traditional Noh theater, which Caroline is studying with Noh master Nobuyuki Oe, Kyoto.

A large part of Pearl's artistic team is based in Japan, including film director Yusuke Kitaguchi and costume designer Ryo Onishi - it will be a fashion lover's dream with exceptional costume changes in all six different scenes. The music is composed by Daniel Troberg, based in Los Angeles.

Performed by FRAUKE


Director   Yusuke Kitaguchi

Director of Photography   Yasushi Kurihara

Gaffer   Hikaru Kodani

Assistant Camera   Shinya Matsumoto,

Teruyuki Inoue, Kosuke Watanabe

Assistant Director   Yuya Makino

Costume Design   Ryo Onishi

Hair & Makeup   Yasuharu Hino

Assistant makeup   Shuna Nagise

Set design   Kenichi Nomura

Wire Work   Jun Yoshitake, Yuya Kiuchi,

Yuuki Oka, Kaori Tsujibayashi

Music   Daniel Troberg

Title Design   Hoisa Leong  

Editor   Yusuke Kitaguchi

Colorist   Masakazu Okuda

Assistant Editor   Donkey-Baby

Trailer edited by  Yoshihito Iyama

Web design  Sadae Iba



Supported by
Swedish Arts Council
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Region Västra Götaland
City of Gothenburg

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