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Works 2021



The film Amber explores the expansion and contraction of energy. A protective inner life force that radiates with relaxed strength, to give a shine without acting. Amber is a state of allure, delight and attraction that has more to do with attitude and bearing than with beauty. A sense of intense longing.

Amber is the first part of a new trilogy entitled Shining light. Shining light refers to nature's ability to attract and carry energy, thus preserving products from living organisms and biological processes. Organic materials with this quality can be seen as nature's time capsule, a three-dimensional window to prehistoric ecosystems. An ecological gem made by the sun and the moon.

Length: 26 min


Starring dancer Caroline Lundblad/ Frauke
Directed by Yusuke Kitaguchi
Director of Photography: Yasushi Kurihara
Music Composition: Daniel Troberg
Calligraphy: Hoi Sa Leong
Assistant Director: Teruyuki Inoue
Hair & Make up: Yasuharu Hino
Costume: Frauke
Costume Assistant: Mika Yamaguchi
Assistant Camera: Ryunosuke Yasuda
Supported by: Swedish Arts Council, Region Västra Götaland, City of Gothenburg

Biography Director

Yusuke Kitaguchi is director, editor, writer and actor who was born and raised in Osaka, Japan, where he honed his craft directing web commercials. He was a finalist in the 48 Hour Film with three different short films from 2016-2018. His short film BABY IN THE DARK screened at Cannes in 2018, and his 2021 debut feature film TWO ON THE EDGE is an official selection to the Rising Sun Kitakyushu Int’l Film Festival while his 2020 TV spec pilot TORINAOSHI, is currently in consideration for acquisition.

Biography Composer

Daniel Troberg was born in 1977 on the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea. His early interest in computing led to a deep relation with electronic music. Having been professionally involved with both the conceptualization and manufacturing process of electronic instruments for well over 20 years, he has gathered a deep knowledge in the field of electronic music. Studying sound engineering in the mid 90s as well as experimenting with compositional techniques and
DJ:ing, Daniel also ran his own music label in the early 00s featuring his own works. Today he works globally consulting for Hong Kong based synthesizer brand ASM as well as continues to produce music and play shows, and also runs his own radio show called Transition on Los Angeles based Dublab radio.



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