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The butoh performance Pearl explores hidden beauty. A radiant force that lies inside a dark shell. A state of esoteric allure, an attraction, shapeless, underneath a reflective surface. Pearl is held by the darkness. It symbolises a defence force against a potential threat, either non-existent or existent. A primal response. From a bottomless depth, pearls are born, shining as dewdrops that fell out of the night sky into the moonlit sea.

The film shows a woman's realities, the actual and the experienced and how she is transformed / finds her way back to herself. A journey through the six sense spheres; taste, sight, smell, hearing, touch and selflessness. A story with a strong concentration of emotions, suspense and presence.
It will be a visual and magnificent experience where the boundaries between the beautiful and the ugly are liberatingly fluid. In Pearl, Frauke explores the hidden beauty. A radiant force inside a dark shell.

Butoh is an avant-garde form of dance theater created in Japan in the late 1950s. The more international choreographers who work with the art form, it continues to develop in different directions. The Swedish choreographer Caroline Lundblad, with the artist name Frauke, lives and works in Kyoto, Japan and is recognized for her very own Scandinavian entrance. In Pearl, there will also be influences from the Japanese traditional Noh theater, which Caroline is studying with Noh master Nobuyuki Oe, Kyoto.

A large part of Pearl's artistic team is based in Japan, including film director Yusuke Kitaguchi and costume designer Ryo Onishi - it will be a fashion lover's dream with exceptional costume changes in all six different scenes. The music is composed by Daniel Troberg, based in Los Angeles.

Length 24min 30sec


Performed by FRAUKE



Director   Yusuke Kitaguchi

Director of Photography   Yasushi Kurihara

Gaffer   Hikaru Kodani

Assistant Camera   Shinya Matsumoto,

Teruyuki Inoue, Kosuke Watanabe

Assistant Director   Yuya Makino

Costume Design   Ryo Onishi

Hair & Makeup   Yasuharu Hino

Assistant makeup   Shuna Nagise

Set design   Kenichi Nomura

Wire Work   Jun Yoshitake, Yuya Kiuchi,

Yuuki Oka, Kaori Tsujibayashi

Music   Daniel Troberg

Title Design   Hoisa Leong

Editor   Yusuke Kitaguchi

Colorist   Masakazu Okuda

Assistant Editor   Donkey-Baby

Trailer edited by  Yoshihito Iyama

Web design  Sadae Iba



Supported by
Swedish Arts Council
The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Region Västra Götaland
City of Gothenburg


Biography Director

Yusuke Kitaguchi is Osaka based director, editor, writer and actor. He started his career as an actor when he was an undergraduate. After he studied acting at Art of Acting studio LA, he started to go behind the camera to direct by himself. His short film BABY IN THE DARK won multiple awards at a local film festival, Osaka 48 hour film festival and had been screened in Court Metrage at Cannes Film Festival. His directing work, mini digital series TORINAOSHI earned more than 1 million views on Youtube and also won several awards at international film festivals worldwide.
His first debut feature film TWO ON THE EDGE(HIGAN NO FUTARI) had a world premiere at the 45th Sao Paulo International Film Festival a.k.a Mostra. Also he won the best director at Kitakyushu Rising Sun Film Festival 2021.
2016 Bad Translator(short)
2016 Nori and Simon(short)
2017 Baby in the dark(short)   Screened at Cannes court metrage
2018 That man from the peninsula(short)
2019 Torinaoshi(digital mini series)
2021 Two on The Edge(Feature)
45th Sao Paulo International Film Festival  New Directors Competition nominee
LUSCA Fantastic film festival official selection
Rising Sun International Film Festival (Best Director, Best Female Lead Actor)

Biography  Costume Designer

Ryo Onishi is Japanese fashion designer, currently studying fashion design at Osaka institute of fashion in Japan.
She appreciates diversity of women and aim of her brand is validates all kinds of women and encourage them to free themselves through her clothes.
Her style is significant with romantic elegant style with her sense of weiredness as a spice.

Biography Composer

Daniel Troberg lives and breathes electronic music. He started dabbling with home computers in the early ‘80s in Finland’s Aland Islands; music production and DJing followed. An active producer and remixer, his work has been charted and played by such luminaries as DJ Rok, Laurent Garnier, Josh Wink, Richie Hawtin, Blawan, Ricardo Villalobos, and a slew of others. DJing around the world — Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, UK, USA, Mexico, Japan, Canada — Troberg has performed alongside artists such as John Tejada, Dan Bell,
Claude Young, Juan Atkins, Zombie Nation, Bomb TheBass, Arthur Baker, Dan Bell, and Plaid to name a few. As a remixer, he has worked with Frauke, Sarah Schmidt, Carolina Falkholt, Svida, VM, Thomas Azier, Andreas Tilliander, Citric Acid, Biting Eye, Purple Key, Kent, and more.

Troberg was involved with Swedish music hardware manufacturer Elektron for over 20 years and is considered one of the masterminds behind the Octatrack dynamic performance sampler. Today he resides in Los Angeles and works with synthesizer manufacturer ASM based in Hong Kong and consults for a variety of MI brands. He also has his own radio show called Transition on LA's Dublab radio station. Troberg has previously worked under the pseudonyms Erase and The Player during the early 2000's and ran the vinyl only label Electromechanix. Today he runs the label Sonidosys, releasing his own music on cassette and digital. The musical styles ranges from acid and techno, to electro and ambient. He has released music on Acidchicken, Palette, Acid Lamour, Detroit Underground, Facets, Stilleben, TE, Full Volume Agency, and Red Handed Records. Troberg also produces music for videos and various media projects, most recent work includes compositions for Scandiavian Butoh performer Frauke and video artist Sarah Schmidt.
An avid vinyl collector and equal electronic music historian, Troberg started DJing in the early 90's and prefers the vinyl format due to he sound, limited and non-flexible properties, but most importantly it's hands on approach.
Open for DJ, Live Set, and composition inquiries.
Find out more about Troberg on


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